4 Simple / Easy Questions...

"I am excited to be connecting with you. So here's how this works. I'm going to be asking you four questions. Depending on how you answer them and how well we get along, we'll decide whether to move forward. Sound fair enough?"

Question #1

"Imagine you and I were to start working together today. I teach you everything I know and do everything I can to help you get results. Now imagine we're sitting in a coffee shop a year from now. What would have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress? What would make you believe that this was the best decision you ever made?"
Please share your answers below

Why Is This Important

When you share the above, why is this important to you?  The more detail we have the more we can help you.

Are you sure . . . 

Are you sure there is nothing else that should be included in the above.  Again the more we know about why things are important to you the more we can help you.

We Want To Hear You ...

"What we want to do is deeply understand what is important and more important than that, WHY is it important. We want to help you gain more respect from those around you, have inclusion, and help you gain massive purpose."

Question #2

"Clearly, you know what you want.  You have painted a really good picture for me.  So let me ask you this---why don't you have it yet?  What's been holding you back?"
Please share your answers below

Any other thoughts . . . 

It's VERY IMPORTANT that you share as much as you can here for us to help you in the most effective manner.

We Want To Understand ...

"Most of us have tried things in the past and many times those things haven't worked.  We want  to understand why things haven't worked, so we can understand how to change that for your benefit."

Question #3

"I want you to think about what resources, connections, talents, or skills you have access to that you're not currently utilizing 100%, that we could use to help you overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals."  
Please share your answers below

Any other thoughts . . . 

Often things fail with systems and/or people due to not sharing some deeper insights, thoughts, feelings, and/or experiences.  Please, write anything else that comes to mind here.
Okay, so let's review for a minute, before we move to question 4.  
  • 1. It looks like you know exactly what you want.  You told me you want ____________________________ because ____________________________.
  • 2. Now you haven't been able to achieve that before primarily because of ____________________________ and ____________________________, right?
  • 3. And last, it looks like you have all the resources you could leverage that you're not leveraging yet, right?  

We Want To Help You DO ...

"Hmmm . . . interesting . . . so how much money do you think you'd make if you were to eliminate the obstacles and leverage the resources?"
Great!  What is your gut feel that you NEED and WILL invest financially to get the above financial results?

We Want To Help You DO ...

"We all have good intentions but often we struggle with follow through.  If you give us permission, trust us, you will follow through.  :-)"

Question #4

"So I only have one more question.  
Do you want me to help you?"  

  . . . What's Next?

Touch "Submit" to your responses and myself or one of my team members will connect with you to schedule a short phone conversation to share our thoughts on your responses.  
Please share your answers below

Any other thoughts . . . 

Is there any other questions we should have asked but did not and/or additional information we should know that we do not?