Engineered CLARITY ~ SEE
Engineered CLARITY is all about learning through an engineered process how to quickly SEE what we have been missing.

Albert Einstein had it right... 

"You can never solve a problem on the the level on which it was created."

How do we do this?
Engineered CLARITY is engineered to where one can apply the following model to any area of PEOPLE ~ BUSINESS and LIFE and as we move through this model, we will SEE greater CLARITY.
The Engineered CLARITY "EC" is so simple there are actually only 10 simple words.  What's magical about the EC model is that as PEOPLE ~ BUSINESS and LIFE become more complex, as it seems, is always the case, the model will always rise to the challenge.
Dimensional Thinking with the Engineered CLARITY model helps us to realize that if we want to make dimensional jumps in any area of our business and/or life that we will need to learn to Think Differently about the QUESTIONS we ASK, how we LISTEN, how we SEE, THINK and DO.  We need to learn what TRUE INTENTIONS are and how to use LEVERAGE to increase CAPABILITIES through INTERNALIZATION.  10 words create Engineered CLARITY.
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Step 1 ~ SEE
Engineered CLARITY has entire libraries of different tools, resources and people to help us examine whatever part of our lives we may be lacking clarity on.  Which of the following areas would you like to explore CLARITY in?

Engineered CLARITY

"I never dreamed that I could have an abundance of time . . . but I do now!  I learned how to "Think Differently!"  If you think you have experienced something like this before . . . 
TRUST ME . . . you haven't!"
Ly Smith ~ Author, Speaker and Business Owner
We have developed a 16 minute Engineered CLARITY Strategy Session (ECSS).  Complete this short 14 minute online survey and we will connect with you for the 16 minute Engineered Strategy Session.   
How Can A 16 Minute Strategy Session Be So Life Changing?
Legacy Partner and members from around the world have invested decades into fine tuning the 14 minutes of questions you answer prior to your 16 minute Engineered CLARITY Strategy Session (16 ECSS).  Your certified consultant, will then help you to SEE things you most likely have never seen before.  Once we SEE something differently, we then THINK differently and once we SEE and THINK differently, we will DO, take action in a very different way.  

There is a three step process for Engineered CLARITY:
   Step 1:  SEE       ~ Examination          - (Assessments which help us to gain CLARITY) 
   Step 2:  THINK  ~ Solution                 - (Engineered Plan)
   Step 3:  DO       ~ Implementation    - (CLARITY)
1 minute MVP video
Step 1 ~ Examination (SEE)
Just like a doctor will never give us a prescription without doing an examination. We need to SEE the most valuable data in order to discover the best solution.  When we have someone certified in Engineered CLARITY who knows how to ask the right QUESTIONS and they are trained to LISTEN in a way very few people on the planet know how to listen, they will assist us to CLARITY in any area of business / life. 
1 minute MVP video
Step 2 ~ Solutions (THINK)
There are many types of examinations (Step 1) and depending on what we desire Engineered CLARITY on, will depend on the type and number of examinations we do.  We know, our examinations have been successful when we SEE new things, have insights we haven't had in the past.  The better the Examination, the better the Solution(s) will be.  
NOTE:  There is a more advanced 7 Steps To Success and in that process, Step 3, is Solutions.  In Engineered CLARITY you will be exposed to many concepts like this. ~click here for Strategy Session video~
1 minute MVP video
Step 3 ~ Implementation (DO)
Implantation, the DO, taking action is without question the hardest part of Engineered CLARITY.  The better the Examination (SEE), the better the Solution (THINK) and the better the Solution the more likely we are to Implement (DO).  The tricky part is, getting everyone involved to also learn to SEE ~ THINK and DO in The NEXT Dimension.  We accomplish this through ActionVision and Discovery Learning along with many other powerful, fun and exciting tools and systems.
NOTE:  There is a more advanced 7 Steps To Success and in that process, Step 5, is DO.  In Engineered CLARITY you will be exposed to many concepts like this.  ~click here for Commit video~
Internalization ~ The deep feeling, sense, the embedding of something directly into our very DNA.  
The many networks involved with Engineered CLARITY are all working together to learn how to help people to INTERNALIZE things faster.  The faster we INTERNALIZE things, the faster we achieve CLARITY, the faster we SEE success, the faster we learn to THINK differently and the faster we DO, take action.  

Get involved in some area of Engineered CLARITY and do so immediately.  There are many solutions, mastermind groups, tools and systems, so there is something to become engaged today.  If you are not able to move forward with your "ideal solution" then get started with a more simple solution today.  It's easier to move the direction of a moving car than one that is standing still.
Trust The Integrity Of The System!
NOTE:  Most of us realize we procrastinate, but not at the time we are doing the procrastination.  In the moment, we think we are don't have enough time, we're too busy, we need to think about it, we need to talk it over with others, we can't afford it, we don't think it will work, we are not sure of the outcome, we have tried something like this in the past and it didn't work . . . and the list goes on and on.  Find an affordable solution that you can jump into right away and then JUMP.  

If you think you have seen or experienced something like this in the past, TRUST US, you have not!  Engineered CLARITY is unlike anything you or anyone in your life have ever done in the past.  We have all tried things which haven't worked, but it's never been Engineered CLARITY.  Take action right now, without any thought and test Engineered CLARITY and you'll become a believer like so many others have.