Engineered CLARITY Community  (EC2)
The Engineered CLARITY Community (EC2) Calendar can be overwhelming which is why it's important to have your EC2 Mentor and/or your ActionVISION lead coach assist you to determine which group(s) is/are best for you.  There are many groups you can join, groups you can start, resources and topics which will help you in any area of business or life.  ~ Click here - for those in EC2 to view your ARRT Tree and see your ARRT Mentor and 2 ARRT Buddies.
Will EC2 & Other Networks Solve Your Problems Quickly?
The above calendar includes weekly mastermind calls as well as many other special events to assist individuals to solve their biggest challenge / problem and to discover and live their life vision each and every day with passion and purpose.  

The calendar includes mastermind calls from EC2, Life Masteries Institute, Legacy Partners, ActionVISION, Psychology Of PEOPLE, Coffee Connection and Mastermind Seminars.  NOTE:  Each of these calls or events partner with one another for the mutual benefit of everyone.  The EC2 network is more of the global community which helps to connect all the other individuals, groups, networks, mastermind and communities together.  

Engineered CLARITY Community (EC2) helps us to gain CLARITY in any area of life.  ~ click here to register.  If you aren't sure what level to start, then start at the "Basic" $20 a month level and go from there. At $20 a month you can afford to test out a few different paths and see what works best for you.  

For even more fun and impact, join Engineered CLARITY with three of your friends, family, co-workers or people who belong to a community or professional group you belong to.