Engineered CLARITY Community  (EC2)
What do you desire clarity in?
Our community, which we hope, will be your community is all about bringing together everything we all have . . . for the mutual benefit of all . . . in learning to Think Differently in the most amazing way for individual and group benefit.  
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The Engineered CLARITY Community or EC squared (EC2) is all about helping each member achieve their full potential in every area of their life.  This could be financial, professional, career, family, friends, emotional, spiritual, relational . . . if it's important to you, it's important to us as a community.  


The Engineered CLARITY Community will help you bring massive value to everyone you know or are connected with which brings you and others around you greater LEVERAGE.

3 Requirements

To belong to The Engineered CLARITY Community you MUST seek to give more than you get.  
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  • Mastermind Weekly Call:  There are 17 weekly 30 minute mastermind calls you can participate in or you can start your own mastermind call. 
  • Share Your Insights & Thoughts:  The resources in The Engineered CLARITY Community are overwhelming . . . in a good way.  When you learn something new, SEE something in a different way, we want you to share that with the community.  
  • Help 2 Other People:  We call them 2 ARRT Buddies.  You will be assigned an ARRT Mentor, who will help you to gain the most value from being in the community.  They will help you and you will help 2 others.
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$20 / month
$200 / month
$2,000 / month
$20,000 / month
$200,000 / month
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ONE TIME OFFER: Special $175 per person "Discover My Life Vision" through Life Masteries Institute, a non profit organization. This one-on-one, holds your hand through the process and is regularly priced at $495, a $320 SAVINGS. What would the Discovery Of Your Life Vision, through your PASSIONS be worth to you? :-) It's PRICELESS!

The Engineered CLARITY Community is facilitated through a number of different non profit organizations.  The lead group is Life Masteries Institute (LMI).  They are an IRS approved 501(c)3 non profit organization.    
What DO I GET For My Investment?

Great Question!  

We know that you work hard for every penny you earn and we as a community respect and honor that.  We all work hard to give far more to the community than what we receive and we are confident that whatever level you choose to invest, you will gain 10x or more likely 100x or 1,000x+ in return.  
What Do I Get From My Investment?
In short . . . A LOT!  The reason we can give you so much is that we're a community of people who all contribute to the group and believe that we can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.  
  • 30 Minute GIFT Strategy Session:  It is overwhelming, in a good way, all the resources available in the community.  You will receive a 30 Minute GIFT Strategy Session which will help you to gain clarity in any area of life you desire.  
  • ​Build self-confidence:  Through the use of DNA for PEOPLE or Personality Masteries you'll learn how to use your natural strengths and gifts in a more effective manner.  
  • Improve Relationships:  Through the use of DNA for LIFE you and those around will receive help in having more, better and deeper relationships.
  • LEVERAGE Passions:  If you could live out your passions each and every day, what would you be doing?  Learn how to LEVERAGE your passions and turn those passions into being happier and earning more income.
  • Become An Expert:  When we learn to LEVERAGE our passions properly we become experts in at least one thing, potentially many things.  People are drawn to experts and will be drawn to you.
  • Master The Secret About Time:  How much value would you place on having 20 extra hours of free time each and every week?  The Engineered CLARITY Community will help you to learn to think about time in a very different way giving you a great deal more time through Quantum Thinking.
  • Solve Challenges or Problems Faster:  Imagine . . . learning the science of thinking differently . . . about anything . . . giving us the ability to solve our own and others challenges faster.
  • What Do You Really Care About?  Do you ever get frustrated that you care about things that others often don't seem to care for?  Learn how to get those around us to care about the things we care about and then how to build entire communities who care about those things we care most about.  
How Much Time Will This Take?
Great question!  It's actually totally up to you how much time you invest weekly.  Some will only take 5 minutes a week and others will invest 30 minutes a week and attend live weekly mastermind groups.

What's nicest about the Engineered CLARITY Community is that it actually won't cost you time, but will give you up to five times the amount of time you are investing into the community back to you.  For example, if you were to invest one hour a week into the community you could get up to five hours back in free time.

Does this make sense?  Often people say "No, it doesn't make sense."  We shared that you have never experienced anything like this so don't expect it to make sense until you join and experience it for yourself, first hand.  
Step 1 ~ Evaluate & Enroll
Review the following level and determine which level is best for you.  DO NOT select a level that you are unable to afford.
Step 2 ~ Phone Interview & Assessment
You will be assigned an EC2 / ARRT Mentor who will help you determine your Wii-FM ~ "What's In It For Me" your goal in participating in whatever level you determine is best for you.
Step 3 ~ Coaching Session
Someone from The Engineered CLARITY Community will review over your Wii-FM and then provide a coaching session to ensure that you are in the right level and are working with the right people.
VERY IMPORTANT!  It is important to remember that this community is very different than any other community of people you have ever been a part of.  This community will not consume your time and energy but will give you back far more time and energy than you invest into the community.
  • Weekly Mastermind Call:  There are over 15 weekly mastermind calls that are 30 minutes long.  You can choose to participate in any of those OR you can start your own group.  We all have 10,080 minutes in a week and investing 30 minutes into ourselves and others in the community is critical to seeing success in every area of life.  If you are already attending one of the calls hosted through Life Masteries Institute, Legacy Partners, Coffee Connections, Mastermind Seminars and/or another group connected into Engineered CLARITY, you do not need to add anything to your calendar.  :-) 
  • Share Your Insights & Thoughts:  Our mind pathology (the way we think) is affected a great deal by what and how we think.  How we think is governed a great deal by what we read, view or do not view or read.  By sharing our thoughts, insights, questions and epiphanies with others throughout Engineered CLARITY we create new synopsis (new ways of thinking) within our brain and build new and powerful connections.  
  • Help 2 Other People:  To achieve greater success in every area of our life, we need to learn how to bring value to others . . . without it taking much of our time, effort or energy.  Through the white paper and video libraries, the many mastermind groups which are available we are able to help others . . . while at the same time helping ourselves.  We learn to think in the Quantum Thinking level which gives us Unlimited Bandwidth to accomplish those things . . . we may have given up on ever doing.  
If you read the following membership options and aren't sure which level is best for you . . . no worries.  Complete a short 14 minute online survey and someone directly trained and certified through Engineered CLARITY and will help you determine which membership level is best specifically for you.
Individual Engineered CLARITY Membership
Starter Package
Hard to believe you can get anything of value today for only $20 a month, right?  Engineered CLARITY has massive libraries and amazing people all committed to bringing value to the entire community.
Basic Package
What are your dreams, goals and passions?  Would you like to do more with less?  This community will help you in all areas of your life.  Personal, professional, financial and relational.  What would you love help on?
Do you have a passion for helping others around you to achieve greater success?  Are you seeking tools, systems, resources and networks to better LEVERAGE your talents, gifts and networks?  Are you interested in making a dimensional jump?
$20 / month
  • Personal:  What are the biggest challenges you are facing in any area of your life?
  •  Relationships:  What relationships would you love to improve?  Access the 500+ Natural Laws and many resources to assist you in every relationship you have.
  • ​Professional:  How do I succeed and help those around me to do so as well?
$200 / month
  • Being My Best:  Do you ever get the sense that you are not living up to your full potential?  We will connect you with a group of individuals who will bring you value as you bring them value in a mastermind system.
  • Life Vision:  What is my Life Vision and how do I live it every day?  How do I help others around me to discover their life vision and then how do we connect our Life Visions together?  
  • Personality / Frequency:  What is your personality / frequency and how can you better LEVERAGE your frequency to see greater success with less work?
  • Massive Action With Less Effort:  How do we gain an extra 20 hours of free time a week?  How do we earn more while having less stress and greater life balance in every area of life?  
$2,000 / month
  • Group Impact:  Build a group and/or LEVERAGE a group you already have in place for the mutual benefit of all.
  • Professional:  Learn how to use systems, tools, white papers, and all types of media to see greater success.  
  • Leadership:  Imagine . . . learning to think differently than those around us for the mutual benefit of us all.
  • One-On-One:  Connect one-on-one with someone directly mentored by certified Engineered CLARITY consultant for insights and making breakthroughs quickly.
  • LEVERAGE:  Build new profit centers, build new networks.  LEVERAGE current networks.  
  • ​BOS ~ Business Operation System:  Work with other like minded individuals to build an economic engine to achieve your life vision while having the life style you desire AND help others learn how to do the same thing.  
  • Clone Yourself:  How do you create passive income through learning how to tell our story, share our experiences and bring value to others?   Learn how to do all this to where you can turn Learning TO Earning and have your economic engine working even when you are not.
Team Engineered CLARITY Memberships
Advanced Engineered CLARITY Package
Are you looking for massive value in bringing Engineered CLARITY to large groups of people?  Bring the "Starter Package" to 1,500 people . . . OR . . . the "Basic Package" to 150 people.  
Premium Engineered CLARITY Package
At this level Engineered CLARITY will customize the entire system to your organization's culture, vision and values.  Bring the "Starter Package" to 15,000 people   . . . OR . . . the "Basic Package" to 1,500 people.  
$20,000 / month
  • ​Team LEVERAGE:  Assist entire group of people to discover their WHY, Passions, Life Visions and then connect them all together for the mutual benefit of everyone.  How much value would it be to assist each member of your team to discover and live their life vision each and every day AND then connect them all together for a central overall team vision? Imagine . . . the possibilities if we were all working together for our own benefit and the benefit of those around us.
  •  Relationships:  How much value and goodwill would it bring to one's organization if each team member were to know at a deep level that they were cared about AND had that demonstrated to them?  Most organizations say they care, but Engineered CLARITY actually shows care in a real and tangible way.  
  •  $ $ $:  Does each team member take personal ownership of their roles within an organization and know by taking personal ownership that will, in the long term help them to earn more while working less, having less stress and have greater life balance.  
  • Time: Would team members value working less and having less stress?  Do team members feel they have control over that or do they believe the company, manager, clients or someone else controls how much time they have?  Every human being has 10,080 minutes each and every week.  Imagine team members learning to become great stewards of their time and in return producing more for the organization and having more time for themselves.  
  • Life: What do team members want in life?  No . . . what do they really want in every area of life?  Engineered CLARITY helps each team member to become clear as to what they want in life and how by being more successful in their careers, they will fulfill their life vision in the most amazing way.
$200,000 / month
  • Please Clone Our Best Thinkers:  How do we set up systems which clone our best team members creating an organization which disrupts our entire industry?  
  •  LEVERAGE:  Imagine . . . having every great thing done within your team being multiplied and accelerated.  What would that do for your teams success and the success of those around you?
  •  Create A Movement: ~ To justify investing $200,000 a month there will need to be a massive movement in money, people and impact.  The following video, makes it look easy but in real life it's really hard.  The Engineered CLARITY Community helps you to develop and implement the magical systems which will do much of the heavy lifting for you. 
Peter Miles
Past Board Member BMW ~ Past President of Rolls Royce
Being on the board of a world class company as BMW, it is clear that Peter understands value and something unique and special when he sees it.  Peter has been so impressed with Engineered CLARITY that he is recommending it to family members and friends.  Peter shares . . . "There is nothing like this in corporate America.  It is something so different, many C-Level executives may miss that power of what this could do for every employee." 
Tom Kunz
Past President, Largest Real Estate Franchise In The World
Tom lead over 140,000 sales agents in over 70 countries.  Tom has gained so much benefit that he recommends it for personal and professional use as it has helped him and those around him to see greater success in every area of life.  Tom shares, "In over 50 years in business I have never experienced anything that is so thoughtfully engineered.  It takes the most complex things in business and life and brings clarity to every area of life."  
Engineered CLARITY Partnerships
The Engineered CLARITY Community is very careful on who we partner with.  It's more than giving great value and caring about you and those you work or partner with.  Individuals, companies and groups must have a passion for helping you become massively success in your own industry, in your own world and seek, with all they have to empower you to do that.  This is who we partner with.  Once you join the community you are free to seek to connect your business / organization through formal or informal partnerships with others in the community.  We believe we can accomplish far more together than we can on our own.  
Business X-Ray & Assessments . . .
For Engineered CLARITY in any area of Business, we recommend those certified in the ActionVision coaching and one of the six amazing assessments which are available.  

There are "Individual" assessments and "team" assessments.  Check out which one is the best fit for you and/or your team.  Register directly online and let your executive coach know The Engineered CLARITY Community sent you.
What do we need to do to earn our WOW income goal while working the hours we desire to work?  
We need to learn to . . . 

. . . Think Differently.
What is a BOS?  Why is a BOS so important?  
What are the various ways to build a BOS?  
What is the best way for me to build my BOS?

Do you ever find that people frustrate you?  Do you believe that if you had a better system for understanding people it would change everything in business?
What if there were systems to assist every team member, customer or referral partner we connect with to have a more successful life?  Imagine. . .  
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If you have not had your GIFT 30 minute Strategy Session, compliments of The Wizard, then please complete 14 minutes of online questions, share that you were invited by The Wizard and someone will connect with you to get that scheduled.  
NEW Communities Being Developed By Members
Engineered CLARITY Community is ALL about building LEADERS OF LEADERS, it is not about creating followers.  Yes . . . to be a great leader we need to learn to be great followers.  Join a group now and you will learn to start your very own group around those things you are passionate about.  You will learn to CARE for your 2 ARRT Buddies in 10 minutes a week.  You will learn to CARE for people in a way many have never cared for people in their lives AND be CARED for by others in a way that, it seems, 
Matthew Rostollan
The Wizard's Community is ALL about building LEADERS OF LEADERS, it is not about creating followers.  Yes . . . to be a great leader we need to learn to be great followers.  Join a group now and you will learn to start your very own group around those things you are passionate about.  You will learn to CARE for your 2 ARRT Buddies in 10 minutes a week.  You will learn to CARE for people in a way many have never cared for people in their lives AND be CARED for by others in a way that, it seems, The Wizard is the only one who is able to teach these things?  
Call or text Matthew at (630) 426-9367 or
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