Engineered CLARITY Community (EC2)
The Engineered CLARITY Community is really a simple concept of helping people learn how to THINK and SEE things about their challenges and problems in a very different way. When we come together as a community, it's to help each member in the community solve problems and SEE possibilities that we typically have a hard time seeing on our own.
Let's Gain CLARITY, Immediately!
Let's Do It Together!
If you haven't completed the 30 minute GIFT Strategy Session please complete a few short questions online to get you started moving to a place of CLARITY.          
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Engineered CLARITY Community
Do you believe we can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own?  
Do you believe that we have a lot more potential together solving problems and gaining clarity than on our own?

What Is My Biggest Challenge?

It's amazing to me how the 30 minute GIFT Strategy Session helped me gain CLARITY instantly and then the Engineered CLARITY Community helped me to find clarity in . . . well . . . every area of my life.
Ly Smith ~ Author, Speaker and Business Owner
YES . . . It Is That Easy!
We can't tell you how many times people have said, "It can't be that easy!" or "I can join the community for only $20 a month?  What's the catch?"  The Engineered CLARITY Community was started and is developed, maintained and expended every day through Life Masteries Institute and Legacy Partners which are 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.  
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Step 1 ~ Examination
How do we SEE and THINK about our challenges or problems from a different perspective?  Just like a doctor will never give us a prescription without doing an examination.  Over the last 30+ years we have learned that when we ask a series of powerful, life changing questions, that it opens up our minds in new and exciting ways.  Take 14 minutes to answer a few questions which then help us to help you gain clarity in new and exciting ways.  Click the follow button and/or ~ click here ~ to determine the best place to start.  
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Step 2 ~ Strategy Session
Upon the completion of the 30 minute GIFT Strategy Session your mentor will help you determine which of the many options within Engineered CLARITY is the best for you based on what was shared.
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Step 3 ~ Solution
Are you as excited as we are?  Engineered CLARITY Community is ALL about helping you, helping me, helping us together to find clarity in every area of life we desire.  There are so many solutions and resources it can be hard to know which one to apply and to know if or how to best apply the option.  By registering for the community, your mentor, two buddies and everyone else in the community will be there to help you gain CLARITY in any area of life you desire.
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Step 4 ~ Commit
So have you registered yet?  If not . . . why not?  Please don't over think this.  If you're not sure which level to register for, then register for the $20 a month, basic option and let's get started gaining CLARITY today.  
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Step 5 ~ DO
After you join the community, your mentor will help you determine which of the many resources would be best to assist you to gain CLARITY in whatever area of life you are focused on.  We gain TRUE CLARITY not through study, thinking, talking or discussion but through taking action and through doing.  Your Engineered CLARITY Community will help you take the right action, DO the right things.