Engineered CLARITY Community
"You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created."  Albert Einstein
BEFORE we get started on PEOPLE ~ BUSINESS and LIFE we need to first learn to Think Differently ourselves.  
With all you have going on in your life, what are the biggest challenges you are facing?
Are you overwhelmed with figuring out how to handle these challenges?  Unsure of the right direction?
You'll find the answers in......... the Engineered CLARITY Community (EC2).
Leveraging the power of the mastermind concept, EC2 helps you develop the different thinking to deal with the biggest challenges you and others around you are facing.
Step 1 ~ SEE
Simple & Easy
There are two ways you can join Engineered CLARITY Community.  
  • 1. Trust the individual person who referred you and register ~ click here ~
  • ​2. Register for GIFT 30 minute Strategy Session ~ click here ~
To take advantage of the GIFT session take a few minutes to complete a series of short questions online, to help us get to know you better.  ~ click here for survey questions ~
Step 2 ~ THINK
Thinking Differently.
Albert Einstein said "You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created."   What does this mean?
  • Hmmm . . .  Might that mean we tend to create our own challenges or problems and to solve those we need to learn to Think Differently?
  • Community:  Through the Engineered CLARITY Community we learn to gain CLARITY through a massive community of people, networks, tools, systems and libraries of IP ~ Intellectual Property.  
  • Who Invited You To the Engineered CLARITY Community And Why? 
  • How did they think the community could bring you value?
  • What amazing value did they think you could bring?
Step 3 ~ DO
"Trust The Integrity Of The System"
Tom Kunz, past President of the largest real estate franchise in the world is fond of the above saying.  Feel free to take whatever time you need, in order to check out everything . . . OR . . . just jump in.  :-)
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