Engineered CLARITY Community  (EC2)
What do you desire clarity in?
Our community, which we hope, will be your community, is all about bringing together everything we all have . . . for the mutual benefit of all.  We do this by learning to Think Differently in the most amazing way for both the individual and group benefit.  
The Engineered CLARITY Community or EC squared (EC2) is all about helping each member achieve their full potential in every area of their life.  This could be financial, professional, family, friends, emotional, spiritual, relational . . . if it's important to you, it's important to us as a community.  


The Engineered CLARITY Community will help you bring massive value to everyone you know or are connected with which brings you and others around you greater LEVERAGE.

Simple & Easy!

To belong to The Engineered CLARITY Community you MUST seek to give more than you receive.    
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  • Large White Paper Library:  Ever expanding white paper library covering every topic you can imagine.
  • ​Mastermind Weekly Call:  There are 17 weekly 30 minute mastermind calls you can participate in or you can start your own mastermind call. 
  • Share Your Insights & Thoughts:  The resources in The Engineered CLARITY Community (EC2) are overwhelming . . . in a good way.  When you learn something new, SEE something in a different way, we want you to share that with the community.  
  • Get Help and Help Others:  You will be assigned an ARRT Mentor, who will help you to gain the most value from being in the community.  At some point, you will be assigned 2 ARRT Buddies.  Believe it or not, this will only take you 6 minutes a week to do.

Gives You Time!

If you invest 10 minutes a week, you'll get 30+ minutes a week back.  This is the only mastermind group you will attend which will give you far more time back than you invest.
Engineered CLARITY 
"Starter Package" 
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$20 / month
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Engineered CLARITY 
"Full Package Options" 
All subscription options are on a month to month basis.  There is no long term commitment.  You can cancel at any time.

The "Starter" package brings so much value and is a great introduction to the community.  There are additional more advanced options for those who desire to start out faster or with additional resources.

ONE TIME OFFER: Special $175 per person "Discover My Life Vision" through Life Masteries Institute, a non profit organization. This one-on-one, holds your hand through the process and is regularly priced at $495, a $320 SAVINGS. What would the Discovery Of Your Life Vision, through your PASSIONS be worth to you? :-) It's PRICELESS!

The Engineered CLARITY Community (EC2) is facilitated through a number of different non profit organizations.  The lead group is Life Masteries Institute (LMI).  They are an IRS approved 501(c)3 non profit organization.    
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