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The Members Only Area is an online library of resources, networks, tools and systems to assist EC2 members to gain CLARITY in any area of life they desire.
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EC2 (Engineered CLARITY Community) is unlike any community you have ever participated in.  It WILL NOT take away from any group / community you currently participate in.  It WILL help you to gain greater CLARITY as to how you can get the most benefit from any group of people you are currently a part of or would like to be a part of.  

Please put your "1 Word" from the value you received from EC2 today, this week or even this month and then what that means to you.  See examples:


Disruption in a good way.  When corporate America and business owners understand what EC2 will do for their employees, every employee in the company will sign up.  
Peter Miles ~ BMW Board Member


I sometimes struggle with consistency and discipline.  EC2 is helping me to become more consistent and disciplined which is giving me energy and passion!
Jill Calderon ~ Business Ower ~


At times, people say I'm a bit out there like when I was in Hawaii and almost died a number of times . . . but did not.  :-)   I won't say that EC2 helped bring the Hawaii vacation to being, helped us buy our first home and helped us start a family . . . but I can't say it didn't cause it either.  All of those things came soon after joining EC2.  It really is a magical program, system and network.  
Melissa Miller ~ Loving wife and Pregnant with our first little one.
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