Flawless Thinking Library

What Is The Flawless 
Thinking Library?

Imagine ... having a library world thought leaders who share insights in how to learn to think in a flawless manner, in every area of life!

What topic would you like to have covered?  Who else in your life would you like to share this amazing mastermind group with?

Join us every Monday @ 7:00 pm est!

What do you DO / Think About it?

About This Group

This mastermind group was inspired by the question "What is the most important thing to teach your children" and the answer "To think properly". What does it mean to think properly? What does it mean to think flawlessly? If we get caught up in emotions, stress, external/unrelated happenings, our thoughts and judgment are clouded and our actions are adversely affected. To have flawless execution we must strive for flawless thinking. Together, as a group, we can spot the missing pieces, the incorrect information, the judgement based assumptions in each other's thinking.

The format will be a quick thought to be discussed and then a round table discussion on a single challenge faced by a group member. This isn't meant to be theoretical chatter, but applicable insight gathered from peers. Feel free to bring a friend, and your thinking cap. 

What are your expectations that aren't being met?

Tyler Ludlow, Co-Founder of the 'Flawless Thinking Mastermind Group' discusses what happens when are expectations aren't met!

Tyler thinks a bit differently the other people. When things don't work out the way he wanted them to, he kind of has an out of body experience ... in a way and is introspective as to why. This gives him almost super powers to learn and grow in ways that it seems like very few human beings are able to do.  

What do you DO / Think About it?

What if we could learn ... from others ... and they could learn from us and we could all come up with a way to think in a more effective manner ... in a flawless manner?

What if we could capture ourselves learning to think in a flawless manner for 7 seconds or maybe an hour or maybe a day?  What if we were introspective and asked for the input of others about when they thought we were thinking in a less than flawless manner?  

How do you process WHY that happens?

Hmmm . . . if we learn to think differently about what happens to us . . . might we then learn to SEE something differently and then would that lead to THINKING different, and would that lead to DOING things differently which then would that lead to a different result?  

Hmmm . . . this is a most interesting mastermind call.

Do you face the same challenges?

In our "madden voyage" ... we had the most interesting conversation on 'flawless thinking.'  

What area of life would you / others around benefit from taking a look at how we think?

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Meet the Co-Founders of the Group!

Paul Wyner

Some say that Paul is the strangest person they know. Others say he's a genius brain science guy who is not only the greatest gift to the not only the mortgage industry but every industry.

Mark Boersma

International Speaker, Author
President, Synergy Solutions

Mark has owned his own business for 30+ years and has gained a lot of knowledge and insight that he wants to pass on to others! Trust us when we tell you he thinks VERY different from anyone you know...in an amazing way!

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