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Natural Law Library

The "Story Behind The Law"  helps us to more deeply internalize every Natural Law for our own personal benefit. 

With 500+ Natural Laws and more being discovered monthly, it is challenging to track them all and hard to know which one's apply in any given situation.  The following is a partial listing of some of the Natural Laws.  Some Natural Laws have Q&A sessions which help to more deeply dig into the deep meaning of a Natural Law and how to best apply them for the most effective results.  Q&A and the more extensive Natural Law Library are made available to EC2 members through the Members Area section.  

The Psychology of PEOPLE is one of the many amazing courses available to deeply understand ourselves first and foremost and then learn how our personality, our frequency interconnects with others
P-1. Clarity About PEOPLE
What is the biggest challenge or problem you are facing in any area of your life?  Is your biggest problem somehow connected to people?  We're guessing it probably is.  The DNA for PEOPLE ~ Personality Masteries will help us to gain clarity about people in seconds.  
It really is crazy how accurate Life GPS is.  It's equally amazing how our challenges or problems in life are directly connected back into our personality and how we think.  
* NOTE: Below web page is still in development.
P-2. Life GPS Mobile App
How amazing would it be to identify someone's personality in 17 seconds and help them solve any challenge they are facing in any area of their life, based on their personality / frequency?  
Talk to your ARRT Mentor about your economic engine.  It could be that you own a company, are a leader in a company or it could be you are an employee or even a student.  This applies to everyone.
B-1. Clarity About BOS
We decided to place this lesson, BOS ~ Business Operating System in the Business area, but the truth is that it could be in all three of the areas as it includes all three of the DNA's - DNA for PEOPLE, DNA for BUSINESS and DNA for LIFE.
The following link will bring you into The 5/30 Grid world.  In so many ways the 5/30 Grid is easy . . . and in so many other ways it's the most complex business model in the world.  We strongly recommend ActionVISION coaching to engineer and design your BOS for you.  ~ click here ~ for additional information.  
B-2. Clarity About The 5/30 Grid
We would like to thank Synergy Solutions, Inc. and ActionVISION coaching for generously sharing the massive library in The 5/30 Grid with everyone in the EC2 network and the world overall. 
Pretty simple . . . right . . . but as anything in life, when we go to implement it, it's far more complex.  When we join the EC2 community, 
~ click here ~ we gain access to a Mentor, two Buddies a Members Only network and online resources which will help you in every area of life.  
L-1. 5 Steps To Success ~ Tom Kunz
Have you ever attended seminars or workshops, were inspired . . . but then didn't follow through?  Have you ever wondered if there was something simple and easy to understand, a step by step process to follow?  Tom Kunz is the past President of the largest real estate franchise in the world and an international speaker and author. 
L-2. 100+ Natural Laws
For years, Tom Kunz and Mark Boersma would meet and tackle a natural Law and share their life experiences.  Which of the natural laws will help you solve your current challenge or problem?   Talk to your ARRT Mentor or your two ARRT Buddies and work together to solve one another problems through the use of natural laws.
The Story Behind The Natural Law
It could be . . . IF . . . you take action.  Engineered CLARITY Community (EC2) helps us to gain CLARITY in any area of life.  ~ click here to register.  If you aren't sure what level to start, then start at the "Basic" $20 a month level and go from there. 

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