Engineered CLARITY ~ Business
We would like to introduce you to ActionVISION.  ActionVISION 
Engineers CLARITY by engineering a BOS ~ Business Operating System.  
BOS ~ Business Operating System
A BOS is the engine which runs our business.  We earn the money we earn, work the hours we work have the stress and life balance we do or do not have as a result of the engine we have in our business.  ~ click here for 3 Steps ~
It's So Simple!
5 Areas To Every Business
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There are 3 DNA's within every BOS, DNA for PEOPLE, DNA for BUSINESS and DNA for LIFEActionVISION engineers all three DNA's into your custom BOS.
Engineered CLARITY Strategy Session
If you have not already had your 16 minute Engineered CLARITY Strategy Session (ECSS) please take 14 minutes right now, to answer a few questions.  This will help us to best understand where the "holes in your pipe" might be.

Does Your Funnel Look Like This?

When these 5 areas are in alignment, we maximize profits, reduce stress and have life balance.

Area 1: Marketing
Area 2: Pre-Sales
Area 3: The Sale
Area 4: Servicing
Area 5: Client For Life
Or, Does Your Funnel Look More Like ... 
Each of the 5 areas is like a pipe in our pipeline so to speak, in our business, our BOS, our engine.  With 5 pipes in our business pipeline, we know, that we are only as strong as our weakest or smallest pipe in our business pipeline.

The example to the left shows that Area 2: Pre-Sales is the weakest of the 5 pipes in this pipeline example.  If we invest more money and resources, as a company or organization into Area 1: Marketing, 
Area 3: The Sale, Area 4: Servicing or Area 5: Client For Life, we are essentially throwing money down the drain.  Engineered CLARITY helps us to determine where our smallest or weakest pipe is, where the holes are in our pipe.  ActionVision gives us the CLARITY quickly on what we need to do to fix those pipes. 
Engineered CLARITY ~ For Specific Industries
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ActionVISION creates Engineered CLARITY on an individual and/or on a team basis.
ActionVISION is powerful and effective because every individual and/or team is always customized to the specific individual and/or group of people. No two plans are alike. Due to our detailed care, our decades of experience we  craft your plan to meet your specific needs.  

If there are multiple personal and team plans we will engineer them to all work together under one mutual vision.

For elect "INDIVIDUAL or PERSONAL" then select the "Level" you are most interested in learning more about and then select which of the 3 Options are best for you.  Simple, fast and easy.
Select 1 of 2 Directions
Prior to your your 16 minute ECSS, your certified ActionVISION coach / mentor will study the information you share in your 14 minute online survey.  

The first step will be to determine which of the multiple assessments is best for you and/or your team to complete.  Yes, within a team, there may be individuals who benefit from "PERSONAL" an in a "TEAM" there maybe multiple teams or groups of people.  
To keep things simple there are 3 Levels within the "Team" area and 3 Options within each Level.  Select "TEAM" then select the "Level" you are most interested in learning more and then select which of the 3 Options are best for you, your team / group, business and/or organization.  Simple, fast and easy.
The following chart will help you determine which of the multiple assessments are best for your situation and if you should considering going down the PERSONAL / PERSONAL path or the TEAM path.
ActionVISION ~ Engineered CLARITY
3 Steps
The Process
Taking ACTION  (Personal & Team)
We have a confession to make.  When we shared above that "It's So Simple" that is true . . . but it's also very complex as well.  Yes, the 5 Areas in The 5/30 Grid are easy, but the 6 levels in each of the 5 Areas, that's where the more complex engineering comes into play.  But . . . no worries, we have that covered for you.  
Business refers to anything which creates an economic engine. It could be an actual business, a community based organization or even a career. Anything that has to do with taking our talents individually or as a group of people and bringing those into the marketplace for mutual benefit, would fall into, The Business area.  Engineered CLARITY will help us to take the complexity of business, using The 5/30 Grid, The DNA for BUSINESS and making it so clear that a young child could understand it enough to take action immediately.  

Peter Miles ~ Board Member Worldwide Co.

"As a board member with BMW I can tell you I saw some of the most amazing engineering in the world . . . but I have never seen or experienced anything like The 5/30 Grid.  When Tom Kunz calls it the DNA for BUSINESS . . . The Holy Grail  of business, trust us . . . you have NEVER seen anything like this before.  It's so simple and clear a child could understand it and so complex and deeply thought out that even guys like me with advanced degrees from around the world, aren't always sure we understand the depth of knowledge which was used to acquire The 5/30 Grid.  Without question it is Engineered CLARITY.  IT REALLY IS A PIECE OF ART to business / enterprise." 
ActionVISION ~ Decades of engineering excellence
There is a three step process for Engineered CLARITY for Business.
   Step 1:  SEE       ~ Examination          - (Assessments which help us to gain CLARITY) 
   Step 2:  THINK  ~ Solution                 - (Engineered Plan)
   Step 3:  DO       ~ Implementation    - (CLARITY)
Just like in a car or a building, a business is the same, the more advanced or large the size of the company the more advanced the Engineering is required.  The larger the size or the more complex the company the higher the price which is paid for a lack of CLARITY.  
Of all the 5 Areas in The 5/30 Grid, the DNA for BUSINESS is pretty simple and easy to understand when we move to the right and see the 6 levels within each of the 5 areas, we start to see how additional advanced Engineering is required to gain CLARITY.  What is hardest in business is that we never get a monthly bill for how much a lack of CLARITY is costing us each and every month.  If we were to receive that bill, we would be far more willing to invest the proper amount into our businesses and we would move faster.
With ActionVISION, there are four ways to master The 5/30 Grid and your certified ECSS consultant will work with you to determine which of the four ways to learn and implement The 5/30 Grid will produce the fastest results, with the least disruption and all within your budget.

ActionVISION Makes It Easy For You

ActionVISION is magical in how it takes the 3 DNA's and blends them together in a custom plan. ActionVision will scientifically engineer all the required actions needed to achieve the vision for the company or organization all while helping each team member to connect their own personal Life Vision into the company's overall Vision.
Imagine . . . how powerful your BOS, your engine will be, when you have everyone's visions all connected together for the mutual benefit of all.
"I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity."
                                         ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. ~
Engineered CLARITY / The ActionVISION system has four major components.  
1. Assessments
Obviously, a doctor will never give you a prescription without doing an examination.  In Engineered CLARITY we will never give you a recommendation without first doing an examination. There are a number of different types of assessments available, all designed to ensure that we are CLEAR as to where we need to focus on building a detailed plan.
2. Plan
Have you ever felt that you over plan and then other times under engineer things.  So much planning or too little planning costs us more than we will ever realize.  With Engineered CLARITY we quickly and affordably assess what is needed and then engineer a custom plan designed specifically and uniquely for your company or organization as well as each team member within your team.
3. Consulting / Coaching / Mentoring
Have you and your team ever started something but didn't follow through so well with what you started? Have you ever thought you followed the plan set out, but did not get the desired results? World thought leaders have shared many times that they have never experienced anything like Engineered CLARITY.   Engineered CLARITY considers all aspects of PEOPLE ~ BUSINESS and LIFE and measures mathematically every month to correlate our efforts to our results.  
4. Tools
Engineered CLARITY's vast networks and members continue to add to the shared libraries for tools which provide faster ways to accomplish things.  This allows you to LEVERAGE the minds, experiences and resources within the Engineered CLARITY networks.
Obviously with the DNA for BUSINESS, The 5/30 Grid we need to include people in all that we do.  This is where ActionVision excels.  Because every ActionVision plan is customized to the specific needs of the individual and/or company or organization we directly engineer the DNA for PEOPLE into The 5/30 Grid. 
Often we, as human beings, make simple things complex and complex things simple.  "People" are pretty simple . . . anything having to do with people, select this option.  Through Personality Masteries or what worldwide thought leaders call the DNA for PEOPLE, you will learn Engineered CLARITY as it relates to people in every area of your life.  

Tom Kunz ~ President Worldwide Co.

"As the President of the largest real estate franchise in the world, I thought I had seen everything as it relates to assessing someone's personality . . . UNTIL . . . I experienced Personality Masteries or what I call The DNA for PEOPLE.  It takes only 17 seconds to assess someone's personality and it's far more accurate than the Myers-Briggs assessment or DISC.  Trust me . . . when I say 'You have NEVER experienced anything like this in your life!  EVER!  Engineered CLARITY  like you have never experienced in your life before." 
With over 500 Natural Laws it's clear that a great deal of engineering must go into the development of your ActionVISION plan as well as the coaching.  The DNA for BUSINESS, The 5/30 Grid we need to include Natural Laws in all that we do.  Every ActionVISION plan and every coaching session considers which Natural Laws best applies to give you the LEVERAGE you need to achieve your goals, your vision in less time with less effort.

DNA for LIFE ~ Natural Laws

Of the 3 DNA's the DNA for LIFE is probably the hardest to learn at a very deep level, to truly internalize it.  Engineered CLARITY takes the 500+ Natural Laws, the DNA for LIFE and through the ActionVision and blends the best Natural Laws into the DNA for PEOPLE and the DNA for BUSINESS to assist people gain CLARITY in all areas, in every area of life.  

Nancy Virts & Alan Stein ~ Owners

"Natural Laws have been magical in helping in our marriage, doubling the sales in our business, changing the way we and others in our company think, advancing our leadership skills, generating more referrals from clients, creating client for life relationships and so much more.   The BOS ~ Business Operating System, the engine which runs our business and our life brings an Engineered CLARITY to all areas of our life through the 3 DNA's.  We are using ActionVision for Teams and have accomplished more in a few months than we have in years in helping our employees to have complete CLARITY of what they need to be doing and how.  We have never experienced anything like Engineered CLARITY in anything else we have done in business / life . . . it's be a one of a kind experience!"