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Internalization ~ The deep feeling or sense, the embedding of something directly into our very DNA.  
The many networks involved with Engineered CLARITY are all working together to learn how to help people to INTERNALIZE things faster.  The faster we INTERNALIZE things, the faster we achieve CLARITY, the faster we SEE success, the faster we learn to THINK differently and the faster we DO, or take action.  
The 5/30 Solution Grid
Overview ~ The 5/30 Grid
The 5/30 Solution Grid is a fast, simple and easy way to understand how to organize our business and/or economic engine to maximize profitability.  If you want more financial abundance or more people The 5/30 Grid will help you achieve that.

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5 Areas To Every Business
We are only as strong as our weakest link or area.  The 5/30 Grid will help you increase sales and profits (contributions for nonprofits) and will also be the core system for all your recruiting, referral partners, fundraising, etc.  Anything having to do with money and people, The 5/30 Grid will be your guide.
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6 Levels In Each of the 5 Areas
We are only as strong as our weakest link.  If we wanted to do 10 million in sales or profit, we could have 4 out of the 5 areas at 10 million but if 1 of the areas was at 3 million, we would only do 3 million.  The 6 levels, in each of the 5 areas help us to understand how to quickly identify and fix the "leaky" pipe.
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2. The 5/30 Grid
The DNA for Business
Who do you know who would benefit from partnering with you in your journey to develop The 5/30 Grid for your business or organization?  As we help others they help us.  Give them the 30 minute GIFT Strategy Session (30 MSS) through Legacy Partners.  ~ click here ~
It's easy . . . and complex!
It's fairly simple and easy . . . and yet . . . it's very powerful due to the depth of the 6 Levels for each of the 5 Areas.  The more we know about The 5/30 Grid the more we know we don't know.  :-)  (8 minutes) 
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3. The 5/30 Grid
The 4 Ways To Learn
Imagine . . . the influence you will have in your marketplace when you have your very own 5/30 Grid fully operational.  Imagine . . . other business owners, leaders and community based organizations all approaching you to partner together.  Get started to realize how powerful of a partner you are by having them do the GIFT 30 minute Strategy Session through Legacy Partners.  ~ click here ~
It's easy . . . and complex!
There are 4 major ways to learn The 5/30 Grid.  Talk with your ActionVISION certified consultant to determine the best approach for you.  (7 minutes) 
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4. Internalization
Often, individuals who are highly educated or have a lot of experience will say "I get it" as it relates to The 5/30 Grid, Engineered CLARITY, INTERNALIZATION or really anything in business or life.  What individuals are missing is the Natural Law of The NEXT Dimension Principle.  It helps us to SEE that "Yes" we do "get it" at our current way of thinking but there is a whole new dimension, The NEXT Dimension where if we are humble or curious like a small child we will jump through the Dimensional GAP that we're stuck in right now.  
5. The 5/30 Grid
6 Levels & 3 Segments
What are the biggest challenges other businesses are having in your marketplace?  With the average business owner knowing over 5,500 people it makes sense to bring value to other business owners.  Helping others to LEVERAGE your systems, your BOS, your 5/30 Grid will not only bring them value but will also grow your business.  Get started to realize how powerful of a partner you are by having them do the GIFT 30 minute Strategy Session through Legacy Partners.  ~ click here ~
It's easy . . . and complex!
Talk with your ActionVISION certified consultant to determine the best way to bring the most value those those in your database.  (7 minutes) 
When other business owners or community leaders realize the true value you can bring to them, they will be out there looking for business connections and opportunities for you.
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6. The 5/30 Grid
GTing IT
Have you ever wished your systems were so strong, so powerful that your business would run without you?  GTing IT is the next step to learning how to take any idea, concept, thought, network . . . really anything and turning it into financial gain for you and those around you.  Ask your ActionVISION coach about "The Success Circle of 12" and the ARRT Tree.  Start with 2 ARRT Buddies and it will blow your mind what you can do from there.  Get started by asking 2 potential ARRT Buddies their Biggest Challenge (BC) and then introduce them to the GIFT 30 minute Strategy Session through Legacy Partners.  ~ click here ~
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  > LEVERAGE "The Power Of ARRT" ~ click here ~
It's easy . . . and complex!
Talk with your ActionVISION certified consultant to determine the best way GT IT and what you should GT.  (7 minutes) 
Most business owners, leaders and successful sales professionals realize very quickly that GTing IT is not their most dollar productive activity.  They often contract out to E-VA's (Executive Virtual Assistants.)
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3 Feet From Gold
Quantum Thinking Model
What Do I Do When I Feel 
Like Quitting OR Putting Things On Hold?
Great question!  We often feel like we aren't making enough progress or moving fast enough.  We often feel like we could or should be working harder . . . so we "Quit" . . . or "Put Things On Hold."   Watch the following video and then talk with your ActionVISION coach.
SEEING / Pushing Through . . . 
When we start our journey to build our BOS, we have this hope that "this will be different" and we'll follow through this time when so many other times we have given up . . . and then we hit the wall.  We feel that we need to stop . . . or put things on hold for just a little while.  DO NOT DO THIS!  

You are SOOOO CLOSE . . . you are 3 Feet From Gold . . . but if you stop, if you give up . . . that teaches our brain that we are destined to live this life that we are currently living.  DO NOT GIVE IN!!!  YOU ARE SO CLOSE to making a Dimensional breakthrough as a result of Quantum Thinking.  Talk with your ActionVISION coach, look for your AWAKENING moment . . . take OWNERSHIP, WORK harder and smarter through Thinking Differently and then CARE for yourself first and foremost and then think and CARE for others.  They are watching you far closer than you think they are.  

SEE Through the pain . . . the frustration . . . the feelings . . . to The NEXT Dimension!  You will be so glad you did!  If we give up now . . . we'll never know what we lost by stopping 3 feet from Gold!
7. Leadership &
Profitable Partnerships
Leadership & Profitable Partnerships helps us to build our WHY, our Vision into all the systems and the entire 5/30 Grid.  We can then LEVERAGE our leadership systems and our 5/30 Grid to develop a turn key system to develop profitable partnerships.  
It's easy . . . and complex!
10 Months To Freedom
Are you interested in getting your business to run without you?  What are the secrets to getting the systems in place to help you earn a lot more with a lot less effort?
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8. GTing IT+  
The Magic Seed System
Imagine . . . your very best client, the best experience in servicing any client has ever experienced and taking that experience and plugging that into the DNA for every prospect, client and referral partner.  What would that do to your business?  Would it be like Miracle Grow, is to plants and generate more and better leads, convert more prospects to clients, convert clients faster and generate more referrals?  
It's easy . . . and complex!
GTing IT+ The Magic Seed System
Calculus is hard . . . for most people, but easy for others who have mastered the foundation in math concepts and principles.  If we have mastered Boxes 1 through 6, then bringing those together for GTing IT, then adding "The Magic Seed System" to GTing IT is not hard, it's actually just really fun.   :-)
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9. The Prospect Rescue
If you had 10 leads, with a lead being a name and a phone number, how many of those would convert into a sale?  That average in most businesses is 1 out of 10.  What is your?   _____   Let's just say that you answered 2 out of 10 . . . great work, you are twice as good as the average in the industry!  :-)   Well done!   But . . . you're still not getting paid for 80% of the work you do.  Hmmm . . . probably a really good lesson to study and then talk with your ActionVISION coach in how you can double your sales, with no additional work or money invested from this one Natural Law and the proper application of your BOS
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It's easy . . . and complex!
The Prospect Rescue
We often invest a lot time and money into things in business which do not give us the best return.  If we had 10 leads coming in a month and 2 of those were converting into sales, would it be easier and / or more profitable to generate 20 leads a month or just get better and convert 4 out of 10 vs. 2 out of 10?  
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10. Asking For Referrals
If you could double your income with no additional work and no additional financial investment, would you?  

Kind of a strange question . . . but . . . when people don't ask for referrals in a very specific manner taught through ActionVISION coaching and The 5/30 Grid, then our answer to the above question is . . . "No, I do not want to double my income."
It's easy . . . and complex!
Asking For Referrals
It's Easy!   Just do it.  Do not worry about doing it perfectly or even doing it right.  Remember, it's easy to change the direction of a moving car than one that is standing still.  :-)  It's complex and really takes a life-time to master the craft of asking for referrals in just the right way. 
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10-a. Referral Machine
Would you like to have a system where you could tap into over 17 million business owners / leaders and create a referral machine?  

Through ActionVISION and the relationship we have developed through Life Masteries Institute (LMI) you are able to offer a 3 minute FREE Personality Assessment to anyone you know, compliments of you and LMI.   Give them the following link and tell them to say they were referred by you and/or give them the 1 minute video you see to the right.

It's easy . . . and complex!
How Do I Set Up A Referral Machine?
Life Masteries Institute (LMI) has a 3 minute personality assessment that everyone you know would love!   It's the coolest thing and they will thank you!  If they put you as the individual who referred them both you and they will receive their fun personality report.  
11. Box 5: Prospect Conversion System
Imagine . . . doubling your sales, without having any additional leads.  

Box 5, Prospect Conversation System (PCS) is like a symphony when designed, engineered, built, and worked properly.  Working with your ActionVISION team to design and engineer this system properly and strongly consider contracting with E-VA's to build and run the system on your behalf.  
It's easy . . . and complex!
Box 5: Prospect Conversion System
It's Easy!   Ok . . . maybe this one, there's not really anything easy about it.  Work with your ActionVISION coaching team to LEVERAGE the first 4 boxes and then work hard, gain discipline and acquire the skills required to take one of the hardest, if not the hardest box in The 5/30 Grid and turn it into a business machine.  
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FedEx'ing IT
How well do we follow up with leads?  

When we get a lead, do we treat it like FedEx treats a package?   Working with your ActionVISION team to design and engineer your FedEx'ing system to where you know precisely where every lead should be, where it is and how to convert more of your leads into clients and do so faster. 
It's easy . . . and complex!
FedEx'ing IT
If you have completed all the previous lessons / aspects of The 5/30 Grid and are working closely with your ActionVISION coaching team this is will not be hard.  When we convert more of prospects to clients and do so faster, our sales and profits will skyrocket without any additional work and without any additional leads.  
ActionVISION Coaches Worksheet ~ To Be Developed
To Be Determined
To Be Developed
It's easy . . . and complex!
To Be Developed
To Be Developed
To Be Developed
Box Learning or Coaching is completed online through the ActionVISION members only area.  If you are not on ActionVISION, talk to the individual who invited you to this site or take 14 minutes to complete a few short questions.  A Legacy Partner certified consultant will call you to schedule a one-on-one 30 minute GIFT Strategy Session.  ~ click here ~ for the 14 minute online survey.

If you are on ActionVISION and need help getting into your "Members Only" area please connect with your lead ActionVISION coach or someone on your coaching team and they will assist you with getting into your Members Only account.  

What the lesson for each box, ~ click here ~ manage Up/Out to your ActionVISION coaching team and come prepared to your coaching session with ideas on what actions can be taken to build the system which produces the greatest results, with the least amount of effort, in the least time.

Questions . . . call toll free 888.230.2300 or 630.393.9909.
Box 5: 10+ Strategic Strike
Box 2: Develop & Deliver Message
Box 6: Group People & Messages
Box 3: Track 100% of Leads
Box 4: Ask Key Questions
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