EQ ~ Engineered CLARITY Community  (EC2)
Personal Clarity

Helped Me In Every Area Of My Life

In business and in life . . . it's all about people and community.  It is so affordable since it's offered through partnerships between nonprofit organizations and businesses and truly will help someone find clarity in any area of life they desire.
Tom Kunz, Past President of the largest real estate franchise in the world
Professional Clarity

There Is NOTHING Like This In Corporate America

The calibration within the many industries, all around the world, have come together within The Engineered CLARITY Community.  I have never experienced anything like this in my life.  There are so many resources, it's vital to join the community to gain CLARITY.  
Peter Miles, Past Board Member of BMW, President of Rolls Royce
Once you register for the community, your mentor will assist you in determining which of the areas in your life, personally or professionally you would like to gain CLARITY in.  The following are some of the most popular topics, areas of focus for others who join the community.  ~ click here for a fun short series of questions to determine the best place to get started ~ 

NOTE:  After you register for the community, you will be given a members only registration where you have the ability to access these and many other topics.  ~ click here to register ~ 
Write out all the groups / Rings Of Influence you have connections with.   What industries / groups of people would you like to connect with?  ~ click here ~ Certification ~ click here ~
Rings Of Influence (ROI)

Who do you know . . . and they know . . . 

Do you ever wonder how much influence you currently have and how much you could have?  Do you ever wonder what you need to do to bring more value to those people in your Rings Of Influence (ROI) which would bring personal, professional and financial value to everyone?

George Is A Character

No one knows why a CHARACTER disrupts our lives . . . they just do! Is is their energy? Is it their child like curiosity? Is it their passion to make a difference in your life, even though you are a stranger? Is it their fearlessness, their relentlessness . . . pursuit of their passions, their life vision and their desire to help you do the same thing?  When we hang around CHARACTERS they will bring out the character inside of us . . . and that, is an AWAKENING experience!
The Secret About Time

Clarity On Time

Would you like to have more free time?  Imagine . . . having an extra 20 hours of free time every week.  What would you do with all that time.  The 30 Day Challenge changed our marriage and our businesses.  
CLARITY About Relationships


Engineered CLARITY for Relationships was so helpful in assisting us to see how our differences drew us together.  We used what we learned to help us in every relationship we have in every area of life.
CLARITY About My Business

Earning More

As a single mom, I never dreamed I could start my own business, but the community helped me to gain clarity, develop a plan and then follow  through on that plan.  SO VERY THANKFUL!
Any Type Of Business


I currently own a number of businesses and am actively working to create passive income streams of revenue.  I am actively involved in the Mastermind Seminars events all around the country.  The networks, tools and resources are helping to awaken my dreams. 

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CPA'S / Accounting Firms

CPA Mastermind

I have owned my own CPA firm for decades and have never experienced anything like The Engineered CLARITY Community.  The clarity they help bring to any area of business, through the community is honestly mind blowing.  I have all of my employees involved and use their on-boarding system for every new employee.  
Owners / Executives


Engineered CLARITY Community and their Empower OWNERSHIP program is helping me develop a system to assist every one of our leaders and employees learn to take the right amount of ownership in the right areas.  

EC2 is the only source for these materials.  The libraries are worth millions of dollars.
The Engineered CLARITY Community is unlike anything you have ever experienced.  There are many groups you can join, groups you can start, resources, topics which will help you in any area of life.  DO NOT overthink this and DO NOT try to figure everything out.  Register, even if it's only at the $20 a month and then you'll experience what so many others have experienced.  ~ click here to register and SEE your life, personally and professionally changed forever. ~ 
Business Sense From Moms
Clarity For Teachers
Clarity From Grandfathers

Business Sense

Business Sense From Every Day Moms has changed my life and how I think.  Being a stay at home mom to raise 7 children taught me so many things about people that C-Level Executives do not know and are never trained on in MBA programs.  EC2 awakened me to my full potential.  

Life Changing

I was putting in over 4 hours a night after teaching and feeling like I still wasn't getting through to my middle school math class.  EC2 awakened me to how I could lead my students to teach, mentor and care for one another.  It was life changing for all of us.

Leaving A Legacy

EC2 helped me to integrate the most amazing business I have been blessed with to every area of my life.  I have learned Quantum Thinking and how to "Connect The Dots".  Even more valuable, I am learning how to help others to do so as well.
The Tipping Point

Clarity On LIFE

Life can be tough.  How do we overcome adversity and create Tipping Points to dimensional and quantum breakthroughs?  EC2 connections, networks, systems and tools create tipping points, dimensional jumps through the proper application of Natural Laws.
Career Clarity


I realized, through the Engineered CLARITY Community in mastermind groups on Rich Dad Poor Dad and other books that to succeed I need to learn to think differently.  It's not others around me who need to learn to think like me, we all need to learn differently.
Good To Great

Motivate TO Action

As a professional speaker my passion is to help others become AWAKENED to taking action.  The Profitable Partnership program and systems within the Engineered CLARITY Community are unlike anything I have ever experienced.
Clarity On Romance


We were confused about relationships and honestly not very good at them.

Engineered CLARITY Community literally brought us together in one of their events, helped us to build a solid foundation and we're now living our life dreams personally and professionally.
CLARITY On Real Estate

Specific Groups

The Engineered CLARITY Community has mastermind groups in specific industries and can help you set up your own group as well.  Together we can accomplish so much more than we ever could on our own.
Clarity For Non Profits

Great Causes

The Engineered CLARITY Community has helped The Untangled Mind foundation in so many ways.  Systems for fund raising, bringing on volunteers, creating awareness and reaching more people with the resources we have.  

I love the community / business partnerships aspect which brings more value to local communities.
Passions Into Income

Lou - lead

When we think about what we are passionate about . . . most of us do not think of passions the way Lou thinks of passions.  Lou has millions of viewers on his YouTube channel and over 40,000 subscribers.  
Clarity On Direction


Phil is 83 years YOUNG, a veteran, has a PhD in Engineering and has a passion for helping veterans see success in all areas of life.  Often success comes through helping veterans in starting their own companies and/or turning their passions into an economic engine.
Clarity On Meaning Of Life

Edward - lead

Have you ever been hurt by a church or a pastor?  Have you ever been in need of help by a Christian and felt they let you down?  Are you a pastor or anyone seeking MORE?  Edward has some most interesting insights into ministry and helping people?
Will Your Story Be Next?
It could be . . . IF . . . you take action.  Engineered CLARITY Community (EC2) helps us to gain CLARITY in any area of life.  ~ click here to register.  If you aren't sure what level to start, then start at the "Basic" $20 a month level and go from there. 

At $20 a month you can afford to test out a few different paths and see what works best for you.  

For even more fun and impact, join Engineered CLARITY with three of your friends, family, co-workers or people who belong to a community or professional group you belong to.